Dental Implants

Cosmetic solutions for missing teeth - implants

Many patients experience tooth loss of single or multiple teeth through accidents, dental decay or gum disease. New advances and technical innovations make it possible to replace missing single teeth permanently without treating or touching adjacent teeth using dental implants, and the end result is that only you will know that you have ever lost a tooth.

People affected by tooth loss often find eating in public difficult and traumatic or are no longer confident about their smile. When teeth are lost your jawbone actually shrinks away, and from scientific research we know that wearing dentures accelerates this process. This in turn affects the muscle tone to the face reducing bone support for the lips and cheeks eventually leading to a typical denture look as immortalised by famous cartoons, where the lips and lower part of the face have collapsed producing an ageing effect on the individual's appearance.

Implant Success Rates:

Conventional implant success rates are 90-95%. However over the last 5 years Dr Howdle using newer micro-surgical techniques has placed over 2000 implants with a success rate of 98%.

Dental Implants